Unwrapping your Aberdeen Flowers

The Four Seasons Florists work with flowers of the highest calibre as they have been cultivated and imported all the way from Holland. Holland is the western region of the Netherlands which has gained international acclaim for cultivating some of the best flowers in the world. This means you know that Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen provide good quality flowers and you’ll receive nothing short of perfection. The quality of the flowers directly impacts how fresh they are and freshness is particularly important when it comes to flowers. The freshness of flowers directly correlates with the longevity meaning, if the flowers are fresh, your recipient will be able to enjoy their bouquet or arrangement for many days to come. Please keep in mind that with such fresh flowers it might take up to 48 hours for the flowers to fully bloom but once they do, your loved one will be bestowed with a vision of beauty.

Maintaining your Aberdeen Flowers

If you are placing the flowers in a vase of your own, please make sure that all paper foliage and wrapping have been discarded so you are only putting the flowers into the water. It would be a good idea to give your chosen container a rinse to make sure no excess dirt or dust will be in the water with the flowers. Leaving the wrapping papers, tissues and foliage with the flowers in the water increases the growth of harmful bacteria. This affects the quality of water the flowers will be drinking and can cause them to die sooner. Flowers such as the gerbera are particularly susceptible to excess bacteria. If you think this will be too bothersome for your recipient then Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen have gorgeous vase arrangements on offer for you to choose from. For example, your flowers can be arranged in a vase or a container such as a basket meaning that your recipient will receive the flowers, ready to be enjoyed.

Trimming your Flowers

If you have opted for a bouquet which requires to be placed in a vase, then it is highly recommended that you trim the stems before arranging them in your chosen container. Trimming the stems will allow the flowers to drink as much water as possible as you have cut off the wilting, dried ends. All loose cut flowers must be trimmed as it increases their longevity by keeping the stems fresh. It is important for the stems to be fresh as this is the only source of waters the flowers are able to access. Therefore trimming the flowers regularly will keep them hydrated and alive for longer. It is recommended to cut off approximately 2cm off the stem and pick off any excess foliage. Cutting the stems at an angle gives the stem a lager surface so the flowers are able to absorb more water. Although this may take a moment or two out of your day, cutting the stems will allow you to enjoy the flowers for many, many days yet to come.

Arranging your Flowers

All arrangements provided by Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen come with a sachet of flower food which is advised to be put into the water before the flowers themselves. Lukewarm water, not too cold or hot, is the best temperature as it’s easiest for the flowers to absorb. The water level should be just below foliage with not leaves in the water. The term foliage refers to the accompanying flowers, such as gyp and wax flowers, as well as the greenery such as eucalyptus, pittos and salal. The foliage should be kept above the water as bacteria can dirty the water and thrive in these leaves if left in water for too long. If necessary, remove the lower leaves of the flowers as this will allow your flowers to live for longer. Hydrating the flowers is obviously very important, even if they come arranged in oasis, so please make sure your flowers have enough water.

Temperature and Display Area

Once your flowers have been trimmed and placed in clean water with flower feed, it is important to place flowers in an area which allows them to thrive as opposed to wilt. The best temperature for flowers is between 18 and 22 degrees celsius as it won’t be too hot or cold for them. If the temperature is too hot then it causes the flowers to wilt and die sooner rather than later. If the water is too cold, the flowers can be damaged as they will freeze. There is nothing more disheartening and upsetting than receiving flowers which die within a matter of days. Your recipient does not deserve this and a lot of work has gone into arranging these flowers which is why once you have received your flowers, you must care for them. Avoid placing the flowers near a source of heat, such as a radiator or a regularly used fireplace, as this will have an immediate damaging effect on the flowers. Similarly, keep the flowers out of direct sunlight as this will dehydrate the flowers quicker.

Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen Flower Care

Although responsibility for the flowers falls onto the individual receiving the flowers, the Four Seasons florists do their absolute best to ensure your flowers are sent to you in the best possible condition. They make sure the stems are cut, any excess foliage is removed and always provide customers with a sachet of flower food. Regardless of whether you collect the flowers in person from the shop or have them delivered, the Aberdeen florists will do their absolute best to provide you with the means to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful for as long as possible. There are several flower delivery services provided by Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen so you can be rest assured your flowers will be delivered in pristine condition to your desired location. If you have any further queries about flower care, please do not hesitate to get in touch. There is a handful of experienced florists who work at Four Seasons Florists Aberdeen, with over forty years of experience between them, meaning you will be provided with reliable information in regard to flower care. You are able to get in touch by email, flowers@aberdeenflowers.co.uk, or phone, 01224633968, as there is always someone readily available to answer all of your questions.